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Dog Crochet

Romantic decorating ideas

Mix old and new, sheer and crocheted. Start by layering your bed with crochet-edge sheets (purchase or sew crochet trim to plain sheets), then top it with an extra-wide lacy panel. The look is pure romance.

Decorating with Crochet

Beautiful bouquet of thread flowers

As far as decades go, I think the 1970s gets a bit of a bad rap. I guess I’m partial to that time frame because that is when I was born.

One thing I like about the ’70s is that it was a time when crafting became very popular. Crochet and macrame really saw a good level of interest then. But, there seems to be a feeling that it was all about rope based plant hangers, crochet swimwear and poodle toilet roll holders. Not that there is anything with either item, now, but there was a lot of cool stuff being made.

In her 1975 book, Decorating With Crochet, designer Anne Halliday made some genuinely nice home decor pieces. Seriously, they are good. Take a look. They all have the fun, funky feel of the seventies, but would still look right cute in a contemporary setting (click on images for larger views):